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Nowadays every commoner knows about cryptocurrency, and blockchain at least. But dealing with such entities needs more caution, especially when trading cryptocurrency. It is because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and also have a high range of profit in a speculative manner. So, everyone having investing ideas in crypto but trading cryptocurrencies are not affluent; it needs a more strategic investment plan.

So, most people with the middle of a road mindset are not ready to invest in cryptocurrency by buying and holding a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. For such people, here we are listing some tips and ways to invest in the crypto space without involving it directly. Instead, they can get benefits and advantages from investing in stocks, ETF, MF, and others related to cryptocurrency. Let’s get into the blog.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Investing ideas in Crypto 

Buying cryptocurrency is one of the simple ways to invest in crypto, as there are numerous crypto exchanges. But the same trait is its hassle. When new investors enter into the crypto space, they get confused to choose the right exchange. In addition to this there are many common reasons to those who do not want to choose a direct investment way.

But now they are the only set of people who are searching for an alternate investment plan for crypto coins, also the experts with accurate knowledge of the crypto space. Such pro investors are looking for alternate investment plans to diversify their portfolios. However, if you are one of those who are searching for an easy way to invest in crypto without buying coins, you can get better alternative ways by going through this blog.

  1. Bitcoin ETFs

An ETF is known as Electronic Funds Transfer which is simply an electronic transfer of money from one entity to another. That can be held within a single financial entity or multiple institutions. Usually, it is held through computer-based systems. Whatever, a Bitcoin ETF is a fund that is traded by an exchange that can track the value of Bitcoin.

bitcoin eft - Investing Ideas
bitcoin eft

To trade such ETFs, the investors can access traditional market exchanges which means the need for cryptocurrency exchanges is nullified with this crypto-related investment. But this kind of ETF investment is only available in a few countries like Canada, the US, and some European countries. Only such countries allow investors to invest in Bitcoin ETF. That enables them to participate in the crypto market without the hassle of holding a cryptocurrency.

  1. Purchasing Stock 

Another way to invest in a crypto market without holding a digital coin is getting stocks of a Bitcoin-related company. Buying stocks of a firm is one of the well-known processes for many average investors. That’s why it is one of the primary reasons for preferring this method to get indirect investment in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

Not only a common person feels that it is a simple way to participate in the crypto market, but also the experts suggest this method of investigation for those who are searching for a safe investment process in digital currency.

The principal financial adviser of Adviso Wealth in Philadelphia, Sweta Bhargav is one of the experts who thought that buying stocks of a crypto-related company is easy. She also thinks it is the way through which people can get into recent marketing trends more efficiently by quoting “It can be a better place to start for investors.” 

  1. Mining Instead of Buying

Instead of buying Bitcoins or other crypto coins, you can mine them with the proper technology. That means you can work on the technical thing which is called Bitcoin mining. By solving complex algorithms in order to validate the transactions of the digital currency, you can get a new Bitcoin. This process is called mining. But the mining process needs more system requirements and acumen about the process.

You can follow this method of acquiring Bitcoin or other digital currencies if you are tech-savvy. then you must surely try out crypto mining. It is one of the ways you can earn cryptocurrency easily. Despite the cryptocurrency mining process being a complicated one, on this planet, many people are doing this successfully. So, it’s not impossible either. All you need to do is spend your money to get the perfect technologies like highly efficient computers to solve complex algorithms to validate transactions block by block.

  1. Investing in the Blockchain Firm

Relying on Bitcoin or other crypto coins-based investments, you can invest in the firms that use the technology behind the digital currency which is blockchain. In recent days, blockchain technology has been changing our environment by impacting all industries. In each industry, a front-runner firm that introduces and helps other firms to access the advantages of the blockchain is usually called a “Blockchain development firm”. You can buy stocks, bonds, or other variants of investments from the firm to acquire the financial benefits in the form of high returns. In the recent situation, the boom in blockchain technology can make investors rich in a short time.

  1. Era of DeFi- Liquidity Mining

DeFi can be abbreviated as “Decentralized Finance” which is an entity providing financial instruments without any intermediaries. That means it’s free from brokerages, exchanges, banks, or any other centralized authority which is possible through smart contracts on a blockchain. Liquidity mining is an investment concept of DeFi in recent days. This strategy allows the participants of a DeFi entity to ensure simple accessibility for others to trade within a platform by contributing their crypto assets. Such contributors are provided with a share of the platform’s fees sometime, the firm will provide newly issued tokens. The contributors can hold them or sell them to gain profit. Simply, it’s an easy way to mine crypto-related products like tokens.

  1. Be an Influencer rather than an Investor 

Recently, many cryptocurrency-related products and platforms are rising day-to-day. That opens the door for influencers by providing opportunities to get digital rewards like cryptocurrencies for promoting respective crypto businesses. So, there is not much technical knowledge required for getting cryptocurrencies, in this way. Simply, by participating in referral programs of crypto exchange platforms and other entities, anyone can get crypto.

  1. Play and Win Platforms

With the advent of gamified platforms related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.The term gamification means the act of layering game-like features onto a platform. Simply the gamification crypto platforms are enchanting users’ activity to do the mutual transaction of the cryptocurrency. For example, if you are participating in a game that provides crypto rewards, it also contains in-app purchase materials. When the firm conducts an online pool game ever, one of the top leaderboard players can get the crypto rewards. So, it is beneficial for the game platforms and the top players. If you are a pro-level player, you can try it more cautiously. Even though it’s a way through which many people earn crypto, it is not an entrepreneur’s way.

A Method for Experts and Entrepreneurs

All the above said ways are followed by investors. But the people who are looking for a great way to extend their crypto earnings can consider establishing their own crypto business online. For example, you can establish the following businesses in the crypto space.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange,
  • P2P Crypto Exchange,
  • Crypto Payment Gateway,
  • Developing and Launching Tokens,
  • Developing ICO/ STO, and others

You can approach a blockchain and cryptocurrency development company to develop such online platforms to kick-start your business. In this method, you can simply earn digital currency by facilitating the crypto exchange. As there are many live examples of people who succeed by establishing their business in this digital space.

But the only thing that you need to focus on is choosing the best cryptocurrency blockchain development company. CryptoApe is one such firm providing its best version of service for entrepreneurs to establish their business. As we are a team of IT experts with years of experience in blockchain development, we can suggest you the best business model that comprises multiple opportunities in recent days and in the future to ensure your profitability. Besides, you can get robust blockchain technology from us.


Despite cryptocurrencies expanding their utility around the globe, normal investors are fearing their credibility as it is complex to understand. Most such investors are always seeking a new way that facilitates a risk-free or low-risk method of investing in cryptocurrency.

Such methods deal with digital currency-related products and services, instead of directly buying them. Through this blog, you can check the top 7 methods to earn cryptocurrencies without buying them. Along with these, it also delivers an efficient way to gain cryptocurrencies by establishing a business online.

To establish and lead a successful startup in the crypto space, you need to approach the best cryptocurrency blockchain development company like CryptoApe. That’s all. Now it’s your turn to decide your way to earn digital currency.

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