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What is BEP20 Token Development?

Basically, BEP20 Refers to a Token Standard Utilized for Binance Smart Chain Token Creation (BSC).

BEP20 standard is one of the fastest and most powerful token standards that exist in the cryptocurrency industry. BEP20 can be abbreviated as Binance Smart Chain Evolution Proposal. It is a cryptocurrency token built using the BEP20 token standard which comes under BSC. As it is developed to be an alternative for ERC20 tokens, it has all of the functionalities of the ERC20 tokens.

Widespread excitement is being created by BEP-20 tokens in the crypto market, particularly in DeFi Market. This optimistic trend brought on by the creation of BEP20 tokens can be utilized by aspiring business people. CryptoApe is a blockchain development company that provides BEP20 token development services too. Get more benefits of creating BEP20 tokens under Binance smart chain with CryptoApe to run your successful token sale business.

Valuable Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

Your BEP20 tokens can be more valuable, with the following features from the side of CryptoApe.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Fast Transaction

Developing a BEP20 token with CryptoApe can make your token easy to transfer which means the investors can transact your tokens in a short period.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Wallet Development

To store and manage crypto tokens securely, wallets can be helpful. We provide token wallet development service along with our BEP20 token development exclusively.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Low Transaction Fee

By creating a BEP20 token with us, you may allow your investors to exchange your tokens without or at a low transaction fee to improve your customer service.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Cross-Chain Compatibility

BEP20 tokens are compatible with BEP2 coins as it is a Binance chain. So, you can easily change your tokens from Binance Smart Chains to Binance Chain.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Effective Listing

It involves promoting your tokens to potential investors by listing them on cryptocurrency exchanges and launchpads. If you decide to use our BEP20 token development services, we can speed up this procedure.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Token Minting

As the BEP20 has the capability of minting with a non-fixed total supply, your investors can mint your BEP20 tokens easily.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Token Burning

BEP20 Token burning can help you to keep the price of your tokens from rising. After a significant burn, the average price per coin may go up. The BEP20 burnable extension can be used to accomplish this successfully.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Smart Contract Development

We create a custom smart contract for your BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain that is tailored to your needs because smart contracts are a collection of protocols that define the operation of tokens.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

BEP20 Token Testing

Our hard testing procedure verifies that your BEP20 token is problem-free. In such an effective testing stage the token will be triggered and shaped as an exact outcome to attract more investors.

Features of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

POS and DPOS Support

As we can deliver a BEP20 token development service that supports Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), you can achieve an energy-efficient process.

Additional Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

The following additional and useful features are yours when you choose CryptoApe to create BEP20 tokens.

bep20 token development services

Balance Inflation

You can either produce more tokens or burn existing ones to mitigate the inflation of token value. It enables the token holders to continue with the process of minting BEP20 tokens.

bep20 token development services


By selecting CryptoApe BEP20 token development services, you may add any special features to your BEP20 token distribution and development areas along with the necessary features.

bep20 token development services

Extended Security

Cold storage wallets are frequently encrypted devices that keep users' BEP20 assets offline. By integrating with such devices, you can provide an extra layer of security against the ever-changing hazards associated with being online.

bep20 token development services

Complete Support

We can take care of the complete process of BEP20 Token development like planning, structuring, designing, developing, testing, fixing, deployment, listing and even more.

Our Development Methodology

Our development process generates a conceptual solution to a problem in the form of a set of requirements. From scratch to deployment To achieve the criteria, the entire process had to go through a number of stages.

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Requirement Analysis

Initially, we determine what the proposed product will need and what expectations it will meet. In this way, all of the key requirements can be documented, so we can define the customer's requirements and resolve conflicts. Our team follows this process early on to ensure that the final product meets our clients expectations.

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Planning is the beginning stage of every product development process. Our team is able to give a clear timeframe for the product's development in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Planning entails considering how, what, and how many resources are needed to achieve the goal.

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In the process of developing a product, the design phase is one of the most important stage to review, revise, and expand the schematic plans to include all the details and criteria needed for the development process. All building plans, budgets and schedules are finalized at the end of the design phase.

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As soon as the client has approved the plan and design, the software will be developed. Depending on the tech stack we've confirmed, we assign a group or team of professional skilled developers to develop your product. Following each phase, the client will be informed and given proper guidance regarding the actual product development process.

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One of the most crucial phase of product development is the testing phase, which comes at the end of the development stage. Our team will ensure that the product is bugfree, works properly and it is built according to the client's requirements during this period. Both manual and automated testing are performed during this stage of testing.

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Software Deployment

Following the development and testing of the product, our server handling team will deploy the final product to the target cloud/server. Upon launch, users are able to use the software application and provide feedback.

A Synopsis of BEP20 Token Development Services We Offer

Any blockchain-based applications or platforms need tokens to function. Depending on the reason they were made and distributed, tokens have a variety of values. The Binance Smart Chain uses the BEP20 standard, which is protected by smart contracts to create tokens. It has many positive aspects to be considered when choosing a token protocol. In comparison to their ERC-20 competitors, BEP-20 tokens offer a significantly superior alternative because of their fast transaction throughput and it's cheap costs.

Although these BEP-20 tokens will have cross-chain capabilities, users will only need to pay very little gas fee for transactions. If you want to create a dApp or develop and distribute your tokens into the market, you can use our BEP20 token development services that can provide you with maximum benefits of the Binance Smart Chain. As we are having more years of experience in blockchain development, you can expect a perfect BEP20 token development service to increase your productivity. Check out our BEP20 token development services along with a FREE demo.

bep20 smart chain

Security Features of Our BEP20 Token Development

In the age of digital currency, security is critical. At CryptoApe, we offer reliable security and authentication to our clients & customers

Positive Attributes of Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Below are some benefits of using CryptoApe BEP20 token development services.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Simple and Easy Solution

You may rely on this BEP20 token protocol when it comes to produce a huge number of crypto tokens in a short amount of time. That can give you the best business outcomes quickly.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Improve Your Productivity

Our experts can develop mintable BEP20 tokens with a non-fixed total supply that enables token owners to "mint" additional BEP20 tokens at any time. It allows you to provide the utmost service to your investors.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Compatible with ERC Tokens

BEP20 is an improved version of BEP2 that can be compatible with ERC tokens. This feature has the potential to draw a sizable number of cryptocurrency investors and traders to use your BEP20 tokens

BEP20 Token Development Services


BEP20 is the most significant and well-known token standard used to produce tokens for a cryptocurrency crowd-sale. At CryptoApe, we can provide specialized solutions to increase the sales of your tokens on a platform for crowdsale.

BEP20 Token Development Services

Optimizable Development Process

Contacting our executives will allow you to see the current state of the BEP20 coin/token development. It increases transparency in the creation of the BEP20 token. You will thus have the ability to accelerate the development

BEP20 Token Development Services

Capped Token

You can decide whether your BEP20 tokens should have a hard or soft cap. The term "hard cap" refers to the maximum number of tokens that may be sold, whereas the term "soft cap" refers to the lowest amount of money that a project can reasonably expect to receive.

BEP20 Token Development Services


Since BSC and Binance chains are known to be interoperable coins, moving the BEP-20 token between the two networks using the basic wallet is simple.

BEP20 Token Development Services

NFT Support

These Binance Smart Chain BEP20 tokens serve as the primary unit of exchange and attract more attention from investors. So, investors who are interested in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace may also choose your BEP20 tokens to trade.

Our BEP20 Token Development Package Pricing

Keeping your business competitive and valuable in the crypto space requires convenient, cost-effective, feature-packed solutions, which CryptoApe offers. Our software is designed to be a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to maximize their viability.

Customized BEP 20 Competitor
  • BEP20 Token Creation
  • Highly Secure Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Based
  • Comes with BSC Smartcontract
  • Token Contract vVerify on BSC Scan
  • Cross Chain Compatible
  • Complete Supply Control for Mint & Burn
  • Comes with Token Cap Support
  • Available with Token Migration
  • Exclusive Wallet App for Deposit,Withdraw & Store BEP20 Tokens
  • Token Whitepaper Creation
  • Blockchain Experts Support Included
Our Bep 20 Token Script and Software Pricing

Why Choose CryptoApe to Create BEP20 Token?

CryptoApe is a leading BEP20 token development agency that can offer highly customized BEP20 token development services in the crypto industry.

Our skilled Blockchain Developers Can Create a Successful BEP20 Token for You.

Using the BEP20 token standard we can develop multiple varieties of tokens like utility tokens, governance tokens, cryptocurrency derivatives or others. Simply, you can customize the properties of your BEP20 token by choosing us. It can provide you with robust and highly secure BEP20 tokens that are reliable and highly safe for your cryptocurrency business. As our BEP20 token development team can develop a trademark token with incentives, involvement, and multi-currency support, you can rely on us. Simply, you can lead your desired business domain with the help of our BEP20 Token Development solution.

Our Bep 20 Token Script and Software Pricing

Our Technology Stack

We develop both Website & Mobile Applications using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology tools available, and it is compatible with all major platforms like Android, iOS, windows and the web.

binance bep20 wallet
binance bep20 wallet

Awards & Recognition

We are proud to be recognized for our excellence by important publications around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

BEP20 standard can be used to create a BEP20 token at a low cost because it uses the least amount of gas. Transactions involving BEP20 tokens will be completed more quickly, and trading will be safe and transparent. These qualities make BEP20 tokens considerable for your businesses.
While BEP20 tokens are the native token standard of the Binance Smart Chain, BEP2 tokens are the native token standard of the Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain's support for smart contracts (BEP20 tokens) provides freedom for the creation of web3 projects and dApps.
As per the latest update, the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain become BNB Chain. The BNB Beacon Chain is nothing but the new identity of the Binance Chain which is BNB chain governance compatible. On another hand, the Binance Smart Chain is currently known as BNB Smart Chain (BSC). That is EVM compatible, consensus layers and with hubs to multi-chains.
Our executives can provide you with the precise sum needed to generate BEP20 tokens. It might change depending on the specific features of the BEP20 wallet and the needs of other factors.

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