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What is Kraken Clone Script ?

A Ready-to-Launch Crypto Exchange Platform with Numerous Features.

A readymade Kraken crypto exchange script allows you to establish an online space to enable trading cryptos on Kraken-like platforms. It enables instant buying/selling of cryptocurrencies, in addition to staking and lending with the help of an in-app hot and cold wallets.By having this Kraken clone script you can ensure investor engagement with advanced features like 24/7 support, margin trading, futures, OTC, account management, Cryptowatch and others...
Along with this, you can provide content to improve the understanding of the users on Cryptocurrency and trading with this Kraken clone script. From CryptoApe you can get a customized Kraken crypto exchange clone script that enables including or excluding any features to ensure individuality into the crypto space. This user-friendly clone script of the Kraken crypto exchange app can stimulate more investor engagement and returns.

Different Types of Crypto Exchange Clone Script

A cryptocurrency exchange clone software allows you to rapidly and simply create a crypto exchange platform. The cryptocurrency exchange market is flourishing right now, with new exchanges springing up every day.

Stellar Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

The groundbreaking features of our Kraken crypto exchange solution can make your crypto exchange platform remarkable and profitable.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Hot and Cold Wallets

While trading crypto's the hot and cold wallets of our Kraken clone script can help the traders to deposit their funds instantly.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Account Management

High-end personalized account management support with multiple tools to aid advanced traders to provide exclusive service.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Live Chat and Other Support

With our Kraken crypto exchange clone script, you can provide a live chat facility along with a chatbot and other 24/7 customer support systems.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Instant Trading

This primary feature ensures liquidity through trading with Kraken-like platforms by allowing users to sell and buy cryptos anytime.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Margin Trading

Help your users to gain wealth quickly concerning market swings by executing more trading strategies and spending less crypto.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Crypto Indices

Our clone script for Kraken trading software helps your users to easily invest in a diversified portfolio that can be managed with up-to-the-second pricing data.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script


Like the traditional stock market, users can back their investments by using futures that allow contracts related to the future price of a coin or crypto.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Crypto Data Insight

Our Kraken clone script provides real-time cryptocurrency pricing and other data to aid the traders to do a timely trade.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

User Dashboard

The home page for the trader platform of our Kraken clone script that allows the users to access the aforesaid features.

Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

Admin Panel

An actional panel with multiple tools to manage all the activities and workflow of the Kraken crypto exchange-like platform and other campaigns like referral programs.

Supplement Features of Our Kraken Clone Software

Our Kraken trading software clone can deliver superlative features with its unique posh features like the following.

kraken currency exchange


Our Kraken clone allows you to launch a platform like Kraken NFT to facilitate your traders to deal with cryptographic assets and transfer their ownership.

kraken currency exchange

Support for Learners

You can engage more traders and maintain a high retention rate by supporting beginners which helps you to be a front runner in the future market.

kraken currency exchange

Crypto Staking

This feature allows your users to be benefited by locking up their digital assets instantly for some time with any-time withdrawal flexibility.

kraken currency exchange

OTC Desk

Over-the-counter (OTC) is a type of service that helps any trader to find the best buyers/ sellers as a dealer for the trade beyond the exchanges.

kraken currency exchange

High-End Security

With our Kraken clone script, you can ensure the protection of the traders with SQL Injection Prevention, Email and SMS Verification, Anti Denial of Service(DoS), Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) Protection, Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection, Anti Distributed Denial of Service and Others

Our Clone Script Development Methodology

Our development process generates a conceptual solution to a problem in the form of a set of requirements. From scratch to deployment To achieve the criteria, the entire process had to go through a number of stages.

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Requirement Analysis

Initially, we determine what the proposed product will need and what expectations it will meet. In this way, all of the key requirements can be documented, so we can define the customer's requirements and resolve conflicts. Our team follows this process early on to ensure that the final product meets our clients expectations.

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Planning is the beginning stage of every product development process. Our team is able to give a clear timeframe for the product's development in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Planning entails considering how, what, and how many resources are needed to achieve the goal.

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In the process of developing a product, the design phase is one of the most important stage to review, revise, and expand the schematic plans to include all the details and criteria needed for the development process. All building plans, budgets and schedules are finalized at the end of the design phase.

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As soon as the client has approved the plan and design, the software will be developed. Depending on the tech stack we've confirmed, we assign a group or team of professional skilled developers to develop your product. Following each phase, the client will be informed and given proper guidance regarding the actual product development process.

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One of the most crucial phase of product development is the testing phase, which comes at the end of the development stage. Our team will ensure that the product is bugfree, works properly and it is built according to the client's requirements during this period. Both manual and automated testing are performed during this stage of testing.

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Software Deployment

Following the development and testing of the product, our server handling team will deploy the final product to the target cloud/server. Upon launch, users are able to use the software application and provide feedback.

Take a Glance at a Concise on Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Get a clone script of one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges to establish your online digital currency trading platform. It can engage your traders in multiple ways with top-notched features like staking, futures trading, OTC desk, Indices and others. These features are the most advanced features that are additional to the basic features like in-app wallet, in-app chatbots, referral programs, feedback and others.

To ensure high-end security, it comprises of 2FA login, PGP signed and encrypted email communication and confirmation, SSL encryption, and an advanced account recovery system. Besides, from CryptoApe you can get a customized platform-like Kraken trading software to establish your trading platform. With that, you can generate huge revenue through commission fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, IEO module charges and listing fees. Our Kraken clone script will be profitable for you and your traders. To get more details, check our free video demo.

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Our Kraken Exchange App Clone Development for Android & IOS

Accessing a platform that looks like a Kraken crypto exchange through a mobile phone can increase the user base for the platform. That’s why crafting an application for our Kraken cryptocurrency exchange platform clone is necessary. We at CryptoApe also take care of the mobile app development for the clone of Kraken crypto exchange platform.

Through this application, regular activities like creating accounts, validating details through KYC, trading or exchanging cryptocurrency will be easy with a few taps on the mobile screen. With our Kraken crypto exchange application for Android and iOS, the traders can do staking, futures trading, access live trade charts, OTC desks, Indices, and other related financial activities seamlessly. It allows the traders to get fiat funding by selling cryptocurrencies at anytime. They can also buy digital coins with fiat money online anywhere.

Kraken Exchange App Clone Development for Android & IOS

Security Features of Our Kraken Clone Script

In the age of digital currency, security is critical. At CryptoApe, we offer reliable security and authentication to our clients & customers

Look Through the Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Discover the advantages of using a Kraken clone script from CryptoApe for your cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform.

Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development


With our Kraken clone script, you can unlock the new revenue streams in addition to the commission charges like premium amount, exchange fee, processing fee, wallet maintenance fee and others. The script also supports ad banners to encourage passive income.

Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

User-Centric Approach

CryptoApe Kraken trading software can provide the trader-centric service with beginner guides, learning tutorials, video demo content and others. Besides, it has a user-friendly UI/UX and features to ease the trading process.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Multiple Payment Facilities

Users can exchange multiple crypto coins and fiat money with any other currencies available on the platform at anytime. It extends the liquidity of the digital currency more & more.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Zero Technical Knowledge Needed

All you need to do is plan the workflow of the Kraken crypto exchange software and the features of the Kraken crypto exchange platform. We, at CryptoApe will take care on the design, development and other technical parts. So, you dont need to have technical knowledge to get the Kraken clone script.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Easy to Launch

As we are committed to the deadline, So you can get your customized Kraken clone script at the scheduled date.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Highly Secured

Our Kraken clone script has multiple layers of protection measures to shield traders from fraudulent and phishing activities during trading, Jail login guard, CSRF protection and other features will ensure high security of your online cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development


The admin panel of the Kraken clone contains multiple tools and data insights to track the users trading behaviours. That enables you to measure trader engagement, conversions and other metrics.
Advantages of Our Kraken Clone Script Development

Advanced Trading Options

Unlike many other crypto exchange platforms, our Kraken clone script is included with many advanced trading options like Account Management, Instant Trading, Margin Trading, Crypto Indices, Futures, NFTs and Others. That enhances the user experience and engagement.

Our Crypto Exchange Script and Software Pricing

Keeping your business competitive and valuable in the crypto space requires convenient, cost-effective, feature-packed solutions, which CryptoApe offers. Our software is designed to be a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to maximize their viability.

Customized Binance competitor
  • White Labeled Exchange Software
  • Fully Secure Blockchain Based
  • One Year of Maintainance Support Included
  • Free setup in Your Live Server
  • GDPR Compliant
  • BTC Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • ETH Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • LTC Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • XRP Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • BCH Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • Limit & Market Ordertype Included
  • Buy Orders Based on Conditions
  • Sell Orders Based on Conditions
  • Trade Between Users
  • Liquidity API Integration
  • Advanced Trade Matching Engine
  • KYC & AML
  • Multi Cryptocurrency Support
  • Highly Customized UI/UX
  • Multi Language Support
  • Update Transaction Fees for Buy & Sell
  • Anti-Phising Code
  • CSRF & SSRF Protection
  • HTTP Public key Pinning CSP Protection
  • Advanced Trading View Chart with Analytical Tools
  • Blockchain Experts Support for Your Exchange
Customized Coinbase Exchange
  • White labeled Exchange Software
  • Fully secure blockchain based
  • one year of maintainance support included
  • Free setup in your live server
  • GDPR Compliant
  • BTC Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • ETH Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • LTC Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • XRP Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • BCH Deposit, Withdraw, Buy & Sell
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • KYC & AML
  • Support chat mechanism for Users
  • Highly Customized UI/UX
  • Multi Cryptocurrency Support
  • Multi Language Support
  • Update transaction fees for buy & sell
  • Blockchain Experts support included

Why Should You Choose CryptoApe for Kraken Clone Script?

CryptoApe can deliver a robust Kraken crypto exchange platform clone script with futuristic features to enable the ideal solution.

Availing and Launching a Kraken Clone Script is Simple with Our Eminent Resources.

Kraken is one of the legendary crypto exchanges in the digital era. Having its clone script will make you rich with huge loyal investors. Despite developing such a fully operational Kraken trading software being a complex task, we did it and helped the entrepreneurs in the crypto space by providing Kraken clone script development service. By choosing CryptoApe, you can get the customized readymade script to establish your digital asset trading platform, that can help you to maintain individuality to get core competencies. You can rely on our expertise and sincerity in meeting the deadlines. That means you can launch your online cryptocurrency exchange platform as per your schedule with a product that will be above and beyond your expectations. We always provide complete transparency throughout the Kraken clone script development process. You can get regular updates regarding the development process with the concerned authorities of CryptoApe. It also provides you with a complete vision of the development process. However, you’re most welcome to experience our customer service. Let’s start with a formal introduction!

Kraken clone Script and Software Pricing

Our Technology Stack

We developed the Kraken clone exchange website and mobile application using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology tools available and it is compatible with all major platforms like Android, iOS, windows and the web.

Kraken clone Script and Software Pricing
Kraken clone Script and Software Pricing

Awards & Recognition

We are proud to be recognized for our excellence by important publications around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With our Kraken software clone script, the traders can simply add their bank accounts and manage, monitor and optimize the transactions from their user dashboard. Only a few specific requirements are needed to add a bank account.
No. A TPPPs (Third-party payment processor) is nothing but a company that is providing payment-processing services to merchants and entities. For compliance reasons, our Kraken clone script does not accept third-party payments processors (TPPPs). However, you can check the feasibility of it with our experts.
Yes, it’s enough. The Kraken clone app has security features like Two-Factor Authentication, 2FA through Google Authenticator, Device Management and Others to prevent Scams and Fraud activities.
A ready-to-use Kraken clone script will cost you based on the development of various functionalities, designs and customization. To know more about the exact price range, Kindly communicate with our Professional Experts.
Depending on your requirements in design, features and customization, the time taken to develop the Kraken clone script may vary. But usually, the development process will take up to 10 to 15 business days.

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