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Despite all the financial investments and attempts, cryptocurrency has paved its own way in the present market. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoins and Dogecoins are gathering the attention of the entrepreneurs during the past few years. To attain the advantages of the crypto world, the entrepreneurs are in need of the token development company. It enables the access to the new liquidity and assets to the investment.

By introducing to the tokens based transactions can help your business/service risk free from the fundraising or investment. Almost every company started to create their own tokens based on the top protocols like ERC, BEP, Tron tokens.

In this article, you will be gaining knowledge about the top token protocols and token development company. But before getting into the token protocols and token development service. Let’s take an overview of the token and how it is used in the crypto space. By the end of the article you get a solution to choose the top rated token development company.

What is Token?

A token is a predefined script that runs on the blockchain network, which is widely used for financial transactions. In the present market, there are thousands of tokens with their own values. Tokens are mostly used for personal and business purposes only. Thereby, entrepreneurs are looking for the best token development company for their business transactions.

In the upcoming sessions, let’s go through the top three token protocols like ERC20, BEP20, Tron.

A small overview on ERC20 Tokens

erc20 token development


According to the recent market analysis on the blockchain network, Ethereum is mostly used crypto and which creates an impressive smart contract functionality. If you’re scraping the internet for cryptocurrencies ERC20 is one of the highly viewed and searched terms.

The term ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment and the number 20 indicates as the proposal identifier or commonly known as the unique ID number to stand out from others. To put in a bucket, ERC20 is a token used to create and issue the smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain network.

As we all know, a smart contract is used to create smart assets through which the crypto users can invest. To invest in the Ethereum network, you as a crypto user in need of the ERC20. To develop an ERC20 token you have to follow certain criteria to build and publish it.


The tokens that are created followed by the ERC20 protocols are known as the ERC20 Tokens. Since, these tokens are followed with the standards of the ERC, it has a predefined set of rules and functions. This help them to interact with one another easily and work smoothly.

Under the ERC20 tokens, EOS, VET, ICON, IOST, and ZIL are some of the popular tokens.

Key Benefits of Choosing ERC20 Tokens

  • Popularly used and easy to get support from the community,
  • Enable the quick transactions for the users at anytime,
  • Offers high liquidity and able to collaborate quickly,
  • Gives a risk free transactions for the users under the help of Smart contract,
  • Able to implement the tokens and executing it made it easier for the developers.

These are some of the advantages that you can make use of with the tight ERC20 token development company. Yes, choosing the right ERC token development service can help you with utilizing its opportunities and potential efficiently. To understand the set of rules and all the terms to get them working properly.

Features of Choosing ERC20 Token Development Company

  • Getting 100% ownership of your ERC20 token,
  • Able to use the developed tokens widely,
  • Enable customization of the tokens name, symbol and many more,
  • A complete verified source code for smart contract.

Since you’re going for the ERC20 token development company, there is no need for the programming skills and testing it. By now you might have gone through the ERC20 token, then it’s easy to understand how BEP20 tokens work and what they are.

Understand BEP20 Token Development

bep20 token development

The Binance smart chain lets you build your own cryptocurrencies or tokens. It can be done using ether, and the tokens of BSC are commonly known as BEP20. Why should you go for BEP20 tokens? Since, the binance smart chain holds numerous values for the investors. Most of the entrepreneurs are looking to develop BEP20 tokens for their own purposes. Agreement calculation is the central quality of the binance smart chain.

Here are some of the features of the BEP20 tokens:

Fast transactions and high scalability– The purpose of developing the BEP20 token is to have faster transactions and make the navigation quicker. This helps the users to make the decisions instantly.

Lower transactions fee– Since, you’re developing your own BEP20 token the transaction fee will be lower compared to others.

Complete decentralized– Trading with the BEP20 token is entirely decentralized. As it is legal for exchanging there is no third party involvement.

Dual chain architecture– The perk of using BEP20 token can offer the assent with trade on both binance chain and binance smart chain.

These are some of the features that you can make use of by developing the BEP20 token. But going for the right BEP20 development company can enhance the transaction process. If you go for the right BEP20 development company, you can gain numerous advantages like wallet integration, multicoin wallet and many more.

Fast Growing Tron Token Development


tron token development

In the fast growing world, the Tron token is preferred as a highly secured and best place for the traders. It is a decentralized application that helps the entrepreneurs to develop and deploy it according to their business needs. As the Tron network covers all the security systems like smart contract, Dapps, and other token standards.

Alike that of the Ethereum and Binance chain, the Tron network has TRC20 and many more tokens for their network. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to develop your own secured tokens, then going for the TRC20 will be the best choice.

What is a TRON token?

In the Tron blockchain network tron token is one of the important parts that level up the trading in the tron network. TRC20 token is a one stop solution for the entrepreneurs, because the TRC20 makes the standard payment real quick and easier. Which is totally convenient, seacured and scalable according to the trader’s choice.

Benefits of TRC20 token development
  • Enable to have a decentralized transactions for your users,
  • Builds a transparency in each transaction and assure the trust among the users,
  • Since, it is a peer to peer transact the users can showcase their credibility,
  • Incredible scalability allows the users to have high level of transactions,
  • The users can easily overcome the single point of failure and recover from the difficulties shortly.

By now you might have gone through the top three tokens of the blockchain network. Each of them have their own benefits, if you’re confused about choosing your own token development, then go for the experts advice. Yes, in CryptoApe you will be getting blockchain advice and solutions according to your business demands.

I know by now, every startup might be concerned about the cost for choosing the token development company. But, in CryptoApe we provide the budget friendly cost estimation according to your business model and the requirements.

Why should you consider the Token development company? 

If you’re ready to create your own tokens for your trading or business purpose, then going for the token development company will be the best choice. Lets, see some of the reasons to choose the token development company:

  • When it comes to building the token, working with the token development company gives you the best outcome.
  • A custom token development company can help you to meet all your requirements with standards rules.
  • Working with the team of token developers saves your time and money.
  • Provides you a wide range of features and benefits for your business,
  • Able to acquire wide knowledge on the new technology and trends in the blockchain network.

CryptoApe is a full-fledged token development company that has a year of experience in creating the tokens like ERC20, BEP20 and other tokens. We at CryptoApe, understand all the business models. Thereby, we can offer a tailored solution for our clients to improve their business experience.

We believe that our experience in developing the token has marked us as the top-rated token development company in the market. We have also proven our record in developing the tokens for numerous businesses across the world.

Concluding Thoughts

Till now, we have discussed the tokens and the top three tokens of the blockchain network. Are you a startup holder? Or an entrepreneur looking to start a business? Then straightforwardly without any second choice go for the token development company. Choosing the token development company is not easier, but you get us. We have years of experience in developing the tokens and other blockchain related projects. You can reach our experts and get your doubt clear. With the free demo, you can also get price estimates for your business plan.

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